December 13, 2012

Homemade Snack Baggies

Ok, so I went to the SLC Green Fair two years ago and bought a cute homemade snack bag from a lady raising money for Montessori schools. I fell in love with this cute little bag and esp. the fabric!

Alas, I couldn't find that type of fabric anywhere, so I decided to just use what I had or to buy little scraps in the discounted section. And I love the variety because some are for mommy, or Ethan Paul, or Rynelle, etc. Dad doesn't care which he gets, but he likes them anyway.

Here are some versions I've made--though I sew horribly! (and purposely made it hard to tell how bad they are, from the angle of this shot) 

If you want to make them, just buy some of the inner fabric and sew it as a lining. Use can use that plastic stuff or if you're anti-plastic then just a linen or something (though won't be water resistant at all). The bags close with velcro. No pattern. Sorry.

I mostly just use mine for carrots, or crackers (we do homemade wheat thins and flax crackers sometimes--but not often enough) or other simple things that won't make a mess. And with the plastic lining it's super simple to rinse out. I imagine the cloth inner lining would need more of a laundry wash.

**side note: There's cute new PUL fabric at Joanns. PUL fabric is waterproff and used for cloth diaper covers or wetbags. I bought some to try and make training underwear for Ethan Paul....but that's another story. I'm hoping to make cloth diapers eventually (when I can find someone who has a snap press thing) and a wet bag too. This is super cute material! You could probably use it for snack bags too...but it's probably more toxic than the simple cotton stuff.