Resourceful Home

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We feel it is important to live economically and be self-sufficient. When we live within our means, we don't exceed our income and we're prepared so that we're hopefully not out on a limb when financial trouble comes. This means we must have a healthy, practical long-term perspective about life, and ups and downs that may come--whether to ourself, our family, our community, or world in general. So, we view things as they are...not everything will last forever, so we must take care of what we have.

Also important, is that we feel good about our home and ourselves when we are wise and creative with what we have (or don't have), we empower ourselves. Who hasn't done a project that took work and effort and seen the results and smiled? How great to do that each day, by trying to live more simply and create beauty and meaning for yourself and family. :)

In what ways are you resourceful? How can you improve? Read some of our posts or comment on them, to get and share ideas.

And one step beyond resourceful would be to minimize and have a simple home where you keep that which has meaning and is purposeful--ridding your home and space of idle junk. This is the ultimate resourcefulness I think.

Watch this cool video to be inspired about creating... CREATE