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Isn't one purpose in life and thereafter, to learn and progress? Having an educated mind on Earth makes life fun, keeps it interesting, and allows us to benefit others and the world. We must choose to learn and grow because it's our nature and we have great capacity as spirit children of God. And what's more, is that there is so much we can choose to learn about: people, cultures, geography, music, literature, local resources, new foods, trying anything new, etc.

Stephen R. Covey (wrote Seven Habits for Highly Effective People) was a fantastic example of this. He would read all sorts of book and varied subjects constantly and was continually expanding his mind and therefore perspective. He constantly talked of how the more we stretch our current realm of knowledge and learn and try things we haven't, in the search for good, the more we'll have to add to our knowledge and experience.  (too much can knock us off-balance though, if we're ignoring other areas of life we need to be focusing on; but a little here and there is healthy and develops us into a more cultured person--able to relate better to people and new situations).
So find something new to try, develop a hobby further, look up something you don't know about....

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For those interested in homeschooling, I've created a separate blog exploring the ins and outs of homeschooling: 2Renew Your Education and have a youtube channel: The Homeschool Window with lots of homeschooling video playlists for ideas, information and inspiration.