June 24, 2013

7 Principles for Health

I attended the 2013 LDS Holistic Living Conference this last weekend as a room host--volunteer. I loved the experience! I was able to be a host for a few speakers. One of which was Don Tolman. He goes all over the world teaching about how to live healthy, without medications, but with whole foods and wisdom. He believes in Self-care and self-education...not listening to government-given standards and rules, but listening to your body and practicing judgement, and seeking God and the good in ways to improve. He gave us a list of seven principles for good health.

7 Principles of Health

  1. air - clean, fresh, moving air becomes electrified which your body can then use to give us energy. Take deep breaths in the nose, emptying out the belly and then breathed out through the mouth.
  2. water - as a conductor of electrical current it goes hand in hand with air.  It is the liquid building block that makes up 70% of our bodies. Every day, drink 1 qt for every 50lbs you weigh. It's great to drink a quart each morning first thing (with lemon juice) a half hour or more before you eat to get your digestion going.
  3. sunshine - just like plants and other living organisms on this earth our bodies require sunshine to grow, develop, repair and regenerate. This gives you vitamin D and energy.
  4. movement - our Immune and Lymphatic systems which protect our bodies by cleaning our blood and cells are only stimulated by movement. Life should be movement. Don't sit still too long. take a break every hour at least. And walk at least 30 minutes a day and minimum movement.
  5. whole foods - eat whole foods, minimally processed. These are non-processed. Stay away from refined, hydrogenated and fake foods. If you can eat 60% fruits and vegetables a day, you're doing well. Try to make it 80%!
  6. healthy relationships - harmonious, loving relationships in our personal, business and social lives including with our pets are extremely important. Take time to nourish those.
  7. passion - if you find your passion you will love life more and you will be around to love it longer!  It gives us vibrancy and energy. If you don't know where to start, get on your knees and pray for direction. Then get to your feet and be okay reaching out to try new paths. Everyone has something to offer--find your passion and offering to give the world to be a better place.