January 31, 2013

Cavities Can Heal? Heal Thy Mouth Summit Notes

I listened in last week on lots of speakers from various industries and backgrounds talking about Oral health in a summit OraWellness put on online. I learned a ton of great info. I've been looking into a more holistic dental approach, but haven't  gotten very far because the only one close doesn't take insurance. But after hearing the great talks about nutrition and staying away from a lot of the chemicals and things that are in use in dentistry nowadays, I'm definitely going to do some things differently.

Here are my notes, though you won't get much out of them...at least not as much as me. I do know that I for sure am going to eat a lot more from scratch broth soups and stuff for the high minerals and vitamins they contain that aid in the health of teeth. And cutting out sugar to a large degree is a big one. But even just brushing within ten minutes of eating is huge. S many people talked about helping their teeth simply by doing those things and taking cod liver oil supplement, which is super high in vitamin D--which you can only get from the sun or supplement otherwise (besides bone broths).

Good nutrition: fresh foods, cultured/fermented foods (for probiotics: like real unpasteured saurkraut or kimchi), organ/bone meats, etc.

Sugars have 6 carbons and feed bad bacteria, but xylitol (a natural sweetener) doesn't because it's a 5carbon molecule (though I heard it may be hard on your system somehow...will have to research this one).

The health of the tongue and mouth are linked to that of the body. Both are maps, like reflexology.

Cavities aren't permanent damages, but rather like a broken arm...which can heal. Eating good foods and limiting sugar is a great start, but teeth need vitamin A and D--can take cod liver oil as a Supplement.

Fluoride is toxic. Our bodies don't need it. Whatever we put into our mouth goes into our whole body, so try to use a holistic dentist with minimal fluoride.

We don't need X-rays each year and really should limit them to 2-3 years if needed at all.

Toothpaste: 1part salt to 3parts baking soda. Add colloidal silver or hydrogen peroxide to make it a paste. Or can add Redmond clay. Use essential oils and xylitol to flavor and sweeten it.

Mouth wash: like antibacterial hand soap and antibiotics and pasteurization...kills everything good and bad.