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We've created a separate blog just about this section, because we feel it is so important! What we take into our body has an effect on us. Are we just eating what we want--mere feeding ourselves--or are we eating what our bodies need that also tastes good--real nourishing. Healthy eating involves knowing what our bodies need and eating what tastes good, but will generally provide us the essentials, and then some. It's ok to eat unhealthy here and there, but a good rule is 80%/20%. If you try too hard to eat healthy, and you don't enjoy're missing the point. Don't go too big, too fast, when trying to be healthy. Allow yourself some leeway....that's healthy. (Read about it on the post about intuitive eating.)

The Nourish Your Body blog has recipes on the left column and information/sites on the right column. We hope you enjoy. And feel free to rate recipes or comment on them or any informational posts. We love hearing what others are doing to make simple healthier steps to eating better. We're all on an adventure in healthy eating---are we not?