Eliminate the Toxic

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There are so many things around us that inhibit our body from processing at peak capacity. Whether we know it or not, the things we eat, breathe, smell, put on our skin, are surrounded...by all effect us--small or large. As we are aware of this fact, we can better analyze our lives and what small and simple measures we can take to slowly reduce the amount of toxins and chemicals we subject ourselves and families to.

This topic is for listing posts on ideas of things you can do to eliminate harmful chemicals and toxins from your body, homes, and environments. Again, they are simple choices and ways we are living to be smarter about what we surround ourselves with.

FYI-There are seven channels of Detoxification (removing toxins from the body), which means as we work on each of these channels, we can better rid the toxins from each area:

1. Lungs - what we breath. get fresh air, don't smoke and get aerobic exercise
2. Liver - manager of entire detox process in body
3. Colon - last stop for toxins, before expelled (daily bowel movement). Keeping hydrated helps.
4. Kidneys - produces urine (waste) to expell
5. Skin - what we put on our skin--sweat removes toxins
6. Blood - regular exercise stimulates blood flow and helps the blood transport necessary things through it's system
7. Lymph - immune system and filters bacteria

*we'll post on different ways to detox these areas (most will be simple and natural ways, nothing crazy or way out there...). You can also refer to our Nourish Your Body section for more information and recipes on simple and healthy eating habits to further aid detoxification.