Wellness Tips

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There is one cause of dis-ease--stress. If we are overloaded or undernourished in certain areas of our lives, there is a price to be paid. This can be true physically (ex: smoking and damage to lungs), emotionally (ex: brought up without ever feeling loved ), spiritually (ex: having no foundation in which to place faith that leaves one aimless), etc.

Wellness includes a holistic approach to our whole selves...physical, spiritual, emotional, etc. We will post on these different areas and include alternative wellness approaches and ideas that can help us get a clearer picture of ways we can more fully integrate holistic wellness in our lives.

Emotional Health
If we constantly feel stressed, we can't live life to the fullest. Learning to let go and handle our emotions can help us get a better handle on life and life more consistently as the good person we each wish to be. In order to do that, we have to be aware of stress in our lives and be aware of when our emotions swing us too far in one direction that we end up off-balance. I love the scripture: bridle all your passions that ye may be filled with love. I feel very strongly that if we are centered in real pure love for all people, we can more easily adapt to life and difficult challenges that come our way. And we will feel more emotionally fulfilled and stable.

Spiritual Health
As spirit children of God, we have great potential and can receive great guidance in life. Knowing that we came to Earth to receive a body and to choose to live by faith should mean we have a desire to take care of our bodies, which will be ours forever. Spiritual health means relying on God and praying to him, and thereby finding peace in knowing we are doing what we can, but that He will make up where we lack (because none of us is perfect and can do everything alone). When we can accept that and be grateful for who we are and what we have, we have a healthy eternal perspective upon which to create a great life.

Physical Health
The physical and spiritual are so connected. If one suffers, so does the other (whether we realize or not). We need to be exercising regularly...at least getting out and about to do a little here and there. We also need to be aware of what our bodies need (which you can read more about in our Nourish Your Body food blog).