November 30, 2013

Knitting 101 for Adults

I just learned to knit and these are the things I used to get me started. But feel free to google youTube videos for these basic elements to learn. I looked at a few to get a feel for different ways to do the same stitches, since there are different styles of knitting (European, continental, etc.). Once I found what felt comfortable for me then I could knit something bigger and more complicated. But stick with these small things first until you get them down.

Make sure you have a simple set of two needles. A short size nine set is fine. I like wooden needles.

The process: see the helpful video for this process and the knit stitch (doesn't show purl)

  1. Slip Knot
  2. Cast On (there are many ways to do this, so don't be thrown off by different methods)
  3. Knitting Stitches: 2 basic stitches are KNIT and PURL
  4. Cast Off (finish stitches--take off the needle)

For help learning purl stitch, watch a youtube video [those from CyberSeams (very visual, but not too descriptive to burden you down), or the New Stitch a Day Video (his are very informative and detail oriented) are good]

Patterns of Knit and Purl
Once you know the basic knit stitch and the purl stitch (which is like a reverse knit stitch, with the string in front), then you just put them together in varying patterns. The basic 2 solid patterns are
Garter (knit stitches every row)
Stokinette (alternating rows of all knit stitches, then all purl stitches, etc.)

A great first project is a basic scarf
You can just continue knit stitch all the way, or you can alternate knit one row and purl the other (I prefer the look of this). Make it as long as you want.

Then try a Wash Cloth
Learn to increase and decrease (add or take away stitches to vary the shape (make triangles or a little butterfly, etc.)

Then try a simple slipper... (one with only two needles, nothing fancy. some need four needles)
Learn to vary the knit and purl stitches to make a pattern, including how to make ribbed.And have fun embelishling with MaryJane strap and button or crocheted flower.
Here is a good pattern that is similar to what I use...

Next step: Cable

November 29, 2013

Top Classics List for Children and Families

Here is a list of classics for young children/family reading. (from