October 2, 2014

General Conference Family Center Board

It's Conference time! And what a great time to build in family traditions! I know there are tons for various people. Although we haven't started any of our own yet. Until now....

So after seeing General Conference Center Boards on Pinterest so much, I was so happy to finally sit down and create one my own way, jumping off from great templates others had used. I sat down and thought about the purpose behind having one and why. I'm super visual, so I love this idea of having a central area of focus along with the other stuff we do. 

Here's a at-a-glance version of the GC board...that I will explain. But basically there are three panels:
One for Gospel principles to listen for and be aware of.
The middle for current leadership (to update as needed) and current session happenings.
The right panel for review.

overview of the board

Middle of board with current leadership
Prophet and counselors with 12 Apostles
Pres. of 70 on top, with each Auxilliary below: men and women

Left panel: Gospel principles organized into the basic Preach My Gospel Outline breakdown. This makes the principles easy to find and organized so kids can inherently learn the PMG lessons as they grow up too. This will help them better learn and teach the principles in a good order that makes sense. And you can adapt which principles you put on there (only a few for little kids, so not as to overwhelm them with too many pictures). This photo shows all of them on the board, but I think for Ethan, since he's only 4 I will just focus on 4 per lesson and christlike attributes...or something like that.

Main 3 Lessons (1-3), commandments and laws (lessons 4-5),
Christlike Attributes (Chapter 6), and "Other"

Close up--lesson 1: Restoration (there are ~5-8 principles/lesson)

I copied an idea of the family couch photo for the current session.
NO, I don't own that couch, but a yellow couch sure sounds fun!
Place speaker photo and principle symbols here during the talk

This is the right panel: for review of each session (to add speaker photos too, so we know who still hasn't spoken and who has). 
area for each session

The purpose of review to to help kids apply GC to their lives.
So I added a family question spot where we can answer something
we want to work on in the two greatest areas/commandments
(love God and love others). For Dry Erase marker.

Paul made me pose--matted hat hair and all.
This is a little overkill for Ethan at the moment, but this will be the same thing we pull out every General Conference as our Family Center. And Ethan will have the coloring pages and Bingo, etc. to keep him occupied most of the time. But it will be fun to use it more and more as he gets older. He already mentioned tonight that he wants it to be GC tonight so he can look at the board.

And the cool thing is that we can take the principles and photos off and use them for other games or FHE stuff because I just covered them in the sticker lamination stuff and taped them to the board (that has the sticker lamination stuff over all the main areas too). We may go through lots of tape and eventually upgrade to velcro or something, but for now I liek this and it's versatility.