July 27, 2010

Natural Deodorant?

So, I've heard that anti-perspirants are bad, but deodorants aren't....but what type really works?
I decided to try a few: Tom's of Maine and Kissmyface. I never finished these and just use them for travelling and such, because I've found a new type that my husband and I use. It's a rock crystal actually and should last at least a year or two. Yep, all it is is a lump of rock/salt stuff. This beats having to wonder what the ingredients are and if it really is natural. And no, it do that's been rounded. It doesn't have the worrisome aluminums that are found in many other types of deodorant that make the anti-perspirant. This one happens to be called Naturally Fresh. I'd googled deodorants and finally found this one that sounded good. You can buy it online or aWholefoods, but I just bought mine at Smith's Marketplace in the Natural Foods isles.I would've liked to just get the real lump of rock, but they are sold in containers like this so they're shaped smoothly for application.
All you do it put it on when you get out of the shower. The rock is hard and dry, but the water on your body after the shower helps the you to rub it on. You have to apply it generously above and below the arm pit. I've even heard it works great for stinky feet and such too. Funny huh? Be careful though...if you drop this, it will break in pieces. You could still use it if it broke, but it wouldn't feel as smooth to use. A good idea would be to use some broken pieces in your travel bag, so you don't need to take the big thing.

It's a great deal for the price too...around $5 for a regular size, I think. But, I've heard that you need to give it a week or two before you judge it, because your body needs a chance to get use to it and get rid of all those other toxins that you were giving your body by using the other deodorants that weren't natural. Some people say they even had to phase out their clothes because unnatural deodorant/anti-perspirants stained their clothes yellow and left toxins and smells in their clothes. This doesn't do any of that.

I've also heard you can use baking soda...somehow, for homemade alternative. But what can't you use baking soda for?

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