August 19, 2010

Homemade Diaper Wipes

As I was researching, I found this cool summary of what to use in a wipes solution and why? Here's a website too that have a bunch of different ways you can switch the ingredients for different recipes. (diaper wipes solution recipes)

These are the common ingredients and why they're included:
Oil: Helps the wipe glide across baby's skin and keeps skin soft
Soap: Cleanses by removing all traces of urine and feces
EO: (Essential Oil) Added for antibacterial and/or aromatherapy purposes.
Water: The main ingredient in each recipe, cleanses the diaper area and dilutes the other ingredients

Don't measure for this one, just estimate amounts:
2 squirts baby oil
2 squirts baby wash
1 drop Essential Oil
1 cup water (about)

You can switch baby oil for a veggie/fruit/nut oil that's good for the skin.
You can switch baby wash for Dr. Bronner's natural plant-based soap.
You can switch w/e essential oil you like (but some are risky for babies). I'd stick to tea tree oil for the dissinfectant properties, and lavendar for the calming/nice smell properties. One drop is sufficient for a cup or two...maybe two of tea tree oil though.

So I just use a little spray bottle and some wash cloths (or cut up flannel/old t-shirts I sew back to back for dual layer wipeage). It's really simple, since I cloth diaper anyway. I do keep a stash of disposable wipes for the diaper bag though, in case I need them.

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