December 3, 2010

Why exercise???

Having trouble wanting to go workout? Sometimes we need to be reminded what the benefits of exercise are:

1. Brain power Booster- exercise increases a hormone called Seritonin in the brain, which improves mental clarity. Sadly, forgetfulness is improved , but not cured:)

2. Reduced Stress- Mood levels are improved when you exercise away your stress, allowing for your body to fall deeper in relaxation. It is the perfect distraction. Scientists have claimed everyone needs at least 30 minutes of relaxation each day.

3. Multitasking with exercise- you can always incorporate exercise in your time schedule. Summer is easy, biking or walking with family to destinations, but as winter is here try finding the stairs, not elevators wherever you go. Get a good exercise video for Christmas, there is something for everyone. You can still park farther from stores to burn more calories. And for those ready to brave the outdoors, skating, "snow walking" (finding trails and walking in your winter boots is actually very tiring, but can still be very pretty) and x-country skiing are always very active things. FEEL FREE TO POST OTHER IDEAS OF WINTER ACTIVITIES!!

4. Energy Booster- Endorphins are released very quickly into the blood, those are the "happy hormones" that help make you feel good, the rest of the day.

5. Builds Relationships- Find someone to workout with. When you have that added social support, you feel more motivated and accountable to your routine, friend or spouse you will also feel closer to that individual.

6. Prevent Disease- I don't have to tell you that the heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, etc, are less likely for those who lead a more active life. Research states that workout should be AT LEAST 30 minutes for 3 days a week, but recommended as much as 5-6 days for 30 to 45 minutes of activity.

7. Exercise allows rule breaking- Muscle burns calories more than fat, so for those that want to eat that cookie or bowl of ice cream, go ahead. That means that even after all the calories you burned working out muscle will keep burning calories while you sit at home and enjoy that cookie. Fat won't be so generous.

The first step to starting an active lifestyle is making a goal, start simple, maybe the video I posted, and then add a little more. You will see the benefits over a couple weeks, and should see a change in mood, activity, and life. START TODAY!!!

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