April 12, 2011

Culinary Herbalism...?

I just finished watching this great video about culinary herbalism (click here)--which basically is about making "food your medicine and medicine you food." By adding certain larger quantities of certain foods and herbs, we can provide more beneficial nutrients/properties to aid our eating.

This video shows an example of a simple meal prepared with basic ingredients the host already had in his fridge, but it talked a little bit more about the properties of the food. (Granted, the host had a few things I know I don't have in my kitchen--dandelion greens, etc.), but it opened my eyes to the importance of getting a variety of foods in the diet and not just sticking to basic veggies and seasoning powders.) He used some bitter greens, kale and collard cooked with more warming spices, like ginger, tumeric and pepper; and talked about the properties of the bitter (cooling) and spices (warming) to balance the digestive effect in your body. Very interesting.

Feel free to watch the video if you like. I'm going to try his basic curried greens recipe and simple roux sauce over some veggies. **I tried it with radish greens and left over lettuces...but I found the greens too bitter. Luckily I had some of my greek soup heated for lunch, so I threw the curried greens in the soup and actually thought it was a good curry, funny enough.

Also, the host of this show has an awesome website if you're trying to get a little bit more into herbs. I was fascinated that you can make regular things out of stuff you can find outside....and why not? It makes sense. (And he breaks some things down really easy for the beginner)

He has free e-books with simple intro recipes (like honey ginger tea) and such. www.learningherbs.com

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