February 6, 2012

Iridology: What Your Eyes Say About Your Body's Health

Here is a chart that maps your eye with your body. Find your dark/fuzzy spots....mine corresponds to the stomach/digestive health issues I have because I have a huge fuzzy dark circle around the blue color ring around the pupil (intestines area on map).


Basically if you can change your diet to be more real whole foods (instead of sugary, processed foods and such, then that can help all sorts of the areas of nutritional deficiency--since so many overlap.)
It's important to be honest about your health and to take one step at a time in a balanced approach.

Nutrition is one step. But physical exercise, positive mental attitude, spirituality, setting goals to become who you desire to be, and many other areas play a role in your overall health.

Find one way to start improving your health and seek guidance in other ways as you go--one step at a time.

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