March 13, 2012

Simple Fix Up Project: Bathroom Foot Stool

Well, I finally got around to Ethan's foot stool project.
I bought an ugly old thing this last summer for $.50 and thought I'd have fun with it someday....
Well, that was this last week. I finally got to sanding it down and painting it green to match the bathroom. (We had this color on hand for the chicken coop I hope to paint that color too). And I found some paper that matches the bathroom pretty well, in my paper supply. So the total cost of this was nothing, but the time to do it...which took an hour when you add up all the time--so not too bad.

So...don't throw away old things if you can paint them and fix them up to match!
And don't underestimante other's junk, if you can see potential in it.

 Ethan is much more excited about it now, so that's good.

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  1. Adorable, Shelley! Love the polka dots!