April 6, 2012

More Bathroom Creativity

Ok, like I've been telling some of you, I'm in this "project-craze" mode of pregnancy and just want to be doing crafts and colorful things and such. So here are a few things I've done to add little touches to my two bathrooms.

Found a $1.50 scale at Thrift Store and modpodged paper onto it, since it was ugly before. Now it matches and looks feminine (subtly).
see these little boy shorts..hand-me-down for Ethan. So I cut them up and made a spare toilet paper roll holder--thank you pinterest. I just used a shoelace, because I had a spare, but the one below is different (I'll explain). This one is in the guest bathroom with the modpodged footstool I did last month.

This is the toilet roll holder I made for our bathroom. I cut some of the extra African wrap we got from my Mom and put on our window and used that, so they match. I then used ribbon to tie it on, and would've loved to have added some wooden beads to dangle down on the ties, but that was too much hassle, since the beads I wanted to use needed a neeedle to get that ribbon through. If I ever feel up to it I'll add some cool chunky wooden beads later.

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