May 29, 2013

Framed Dry-Erase Love Note

Paul had a rough day recently, so I decided to make something I've been meaning to make for a long time. (it just took this rough day to make me decide it was a priority)

The answer...? 
A framed picture for dry erase love notes. 

It's a great idea and you can use whatever you want as the picture inside. It is simply and old frame with glass inside. I then just found a picture online and tweaked it. It was a white tree on blue background with different initials on it, but I wanted lots of white space for a short love note, so I made a brown tree on white/plain paper and put our initials in the tree instead. Then I added " you always" in the bottom right corner. It helps to know how to edit on the computer to do this...but it not, just make something simple in a word document and print it and cut and place inside the fame behind the glass. (Originally I was just going to put a little clip art of two love birds or a heart stamp or something, until I found this other graphic to tweak)
Then write using dry erase markers on the glass. :) I put it in our bedroom so we see it regularly...and it matches our wedding colors (and lifetime favorite colors it seems). And it helps me remember to take time and leave love notes.

If anyone wants this one, I can edit the colors, initials, size and phrase for you if you send me what you want. As long as you aren't super picky and take hours of my time. :P

Keep lovin'...and remember to celebrate each other. It's important to continually "date" and leave notes for each other.

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