April 22, 2016

Celebrate Earth Day: Simple Ideas

Every Year on Earth Day we make it a point to do something to remember and appreciate how awesome the Earth is. Here are some simple (and more complex) ways to remember Earth.

Get a Plant

  • Get a free tree or plant from a local nursery (normally the trees they give away will grow huge, so you will eventually have to replant. But If you get one each year...eventually you could ideally always have a Christmas tree to cut. right? :p)
  • Plant a seed for a simple flower. Some have those fun grow boxes with glass on one side so you can watch it grow.
  • Buy an herb.  (like basil for homemade pesto or aloe for sunburns, etc.)
  • Start a garden. Just have a little or large plot and buy a few starts if you don't want to plant your own seeds.
Get Outside

  • Go for a walk. That's easy.
  • Enjoy a bike ride close or to a park for a full morning event.
  • Find a local hike or local bird preserve or pond to walk along
  • Go visit a farm or similar venue
Do Nature Art
  • Collect nature and make random nature art on paper or as stamps or rubbings (or try to make fairies out of it on paper using leaves and such)
  • tie sticks together to make a square loom and weave long grasses/leaves through it. IT can be a tidy and nice one or just random chunks of nature
  • Or find a branch and do some yarn weaving
  • use a circular saw and cut through some branches. Drill a hole and thread them on some yarn...wood beads work too. Bigger slices are great for a basic wood fairy house.
  • collect some brown paper bags and color on them things you like about earth, or nice quotes for reminders to others. Drop them back off to the store for them to use to give groceries. (Grocery stores are normally more than happy to give you some if they will get them back and make customers happy. Write names and double check art appropriateness if you do in a large group. I'd suggest 5+ age group)
  • coloring pages about animals, earth, gardens, etc. (or do a nature journal entry)
Story Time Ideas
  • read Earth Tales (Barefoot Books has a good one)
  • Stories of famous animals
  • REad animal Fables--Aesop
  • Read and sing about farms or gardens
  • some popular kids books: The Lorax (Dr. Seuss), Hungry Caterpillar (Carle), 
  • Music: Carnival of the Animals or PEter and the Wolf songs/story
Movie Ideas
  • Dr. Seuss's "The Lorax"
  • Earth, by National Geographic (or other animal or earth or science videos; youtube or netflix)
  • Ferngully....haha
  • Disney Movies: LionKing, Jungle Book, Pocahontas, Tarzan, etc.

Other Bigger Event Ideas/Workshops: (some are just simple ideas opened up to a larger audience)
  • A Beautiful You - Talking about Natural Hygiene and homemade products
  • Suburban Homesteading - bees and chickens 101, squarefoot gardening or small scale permaculture, Food Storage 101
  • School Day - Do an Earth Tale story and yoga animals to go along. Discussion and brown paper bag art project for grocery stores
  • Community Clean-up Day - perfect for a neighborhood cleanup effort to pick up trash and keep the area clean

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