September 2, 2010

Baby Yoga!

So I checked out a Baby Yoga DVD from the library. It was pretty cute, and amazingly simple. At first I thought it was a crock, because the moves were so simple and almost cheesy, though cute too.
Then I checked out a book Infant Massage, by Vimala McClure and saw similarities. So I'm a fan...but the book really did a better job at explaning why you do the moves--the video didn't go into that good instruction.
Since then, I've started a morning and evening baby massage routine for Ethan that's focused on his belly, for his gas issues.
The book said to not do full massages until he's use to just the gas-focused moves.

Overall, I realized that infant massage can really provide a way for Mom (or Dad or sibling even) to connect with baby, and get the baby use to a routine so he/she can relax. It probably takes a week for the baby to get used to it. Ethan still doesn't love it all, and I can only do moves he lets me. But everytime I do the bicycle move he gets a big grin and relaxes now. I think it's helped him cope. It's all about doing what feels comfortable to the baby though, not forcing any of the moves.

I love doing his routine with him in the morning, once his nighttime sleep is over. I turn on some Dido music and I reapeat little phrases with each move, so he gets use to the sound as wel las the movement. I don't think the book emphasized words, but I think it's helped our sessions. I enjoy doing the routine and then doing superman at then end. IF I didn't think about massage, I probably wouldn't take as much time to regularly play with him in little fun ways like this.

The great thing about doing it to music, for me, is that I do it to the rhythm. Maybe he'll grow up to have good rhytm, eh? I'm not sure if ideal or not, but we enjoy it that way. I think I need to schedule in some regular dancing time too. :)

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