September 2, 2010


So I checked out a DVD at the library about reflexology: the study of how your hands and feet are mapped to the workings of your whole body. It's really interesting. Basically your body can get off-balance or sick and by applying pressure to certain areas of your hands or feet you can both tell where the ailment lies, as well as help to correct the imbalance (granted it takes time and knowledge and probably can't correct all ailments). But it really is cool. It reminds me of acupuncutre (not that I know much about that), and it has been practiced by Indians, Asian and Eqgyptians since long, long ago (how do you like that for my knowledge).

Paul and I tried it after I watched the DVD (Reflexology Massage, Dr. Ann Gillanders). I massaged his feet by giving them a ten minute warm up and then worked through the different parts, as listed on the chart (and how instructed on the DVD). I told Paul to tell me when the places on his feet hurt as I applied pressure. (He knew nothing of the correlated body parts).

The three places Paul mentioned that hurt on his feet all corresponding to ailments he was having: sinuses, Right tooth and eyes. Fancy that. IT was pretty cool. I decided that week to give him a full foot massage each night that week, focusing on those areas the most.

I'm not sure how much it actually helped, but I believe that if I knew what I was doing and was consistent in massaging his feet in those focus areas that it would contribute towards healing in those areas. I haven't tried the hand chart yet, but if it's as fascinating as the foot chart, then I'm all for trying it. I've posted a foot chart that also lists some ailments you could have and what areas on your feet to focus on for helping those.
Foot Reflexology - The Medicinal Arts

Now I don't think reflexology is a cure-all, but I believe that a basic understanding can help us supplement with other things we're using to try to cure our ills. At least take some time to look at the charts and play around with your massages to see if you can make them a little more applicable to the person you're trying to help.

Apparently even the ears have one!

Side note, there is something called iridology, which states that your eyes are also a map to the functionality of your entire body. I however do not like the fortune teller-ish sense this gives, but I read in a book called "The Eye Care REvolution" (I think it's called that) that helped me understand the benefits. Check out my post on it.

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