October 21, 2011

Want to Learn Music Theory?

I was talking to Charise about practicing musical instruments and since she's been practicing daily recently and I've been practicing Sundays and brushing up on theory during the week, I thought I'd post on where I've been learning some further music lesson info.

If you never learned music theory or only learned part, and feel something is missing in your life (hah), then watch the free music theory lessons on You-Tube. There's a Canadian kid that goes through stuff pretty well. I got through the first 20-something lessons and took the self-take exam. Basically I need to pick it up from circle of 5ths and major/minor chord stuff. Click here for link. This starts you at lesson one.

The videos are quite easy to watch and only 10-15 minutes or so each, I think. So if you have some free time and want to dig a little deep into theory. There's a great place to start.

Once you know chords, supposedly music is so much easier to understand and read. That's my goal.

Here are some other resources:
And a chart for guitar too.
Good luck!
It's always great to improve your mind and musical abilities.

What other good resources do you know of?

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