October 18, 2011

Baby Diaper Rash & Essential Oils for Baby

I've often wondered at the creams and ointments you need to help baby diaper rash problems. "Airing out" by itself doesn't bring baby or mom much comfort when I've not wanted to use these creams, so I've looked for other other alternatives.

First of all, I use a homemade diaper spray with some old flannel I cut up and this diaper spray can contain the same things you'd need to help diaper rash....that are natural and safe for baby. I wrote a post on it; just click on here.

But, here are some other tips about baby diaper rash problems....

First thing to do is bathe your baby in either plain warm water, or add some oatmeal to it. Once your baby is out of the bath, use a hair-dryer on its lowest heat setting and gently dry baby’s bottom. If you don’t have a hair-dryer, gently pat the bottom with a soft towel.

Then, let your baby have some diaper-free air time. Getting some air to the area is one of the most natural healing aids you can do. If your baby is not mobile, use a waterproof mat on the floor and place her there with some toys, or lay her on your chest with a towel. If mobile, you might have a harder time keeping your little one in one place, but still try to give them some air time.

If you are just changing a dirty diaper, avoid using commercial baby-wipes as they contain harsh amounts of alcohol, which can irritate baby’s skin even more. Make sure you dry the area thoroughly after cleaning, and then try to give some air time again.

Tried & Tested Natural Remedies for Diaper Rash:
Olive Oil & Water
Natural and healthy, olive oil has been used for centuries for all different kinds of ailments. Try whisking a tablespoon of olive oil with 5 drops of water until it forms a creamy smooth texture, then apply to baby’s clean, dry bottom.

Essential Oils
Essential Oils are wonderful products that can be used to naturally treat a number of problems. Tea tree is one of the best out there. This multi-use oil is effective against yeast, is antibacterial & anti-inflammatory and healing to wounds (vulnerary). Some others you could also try:
  • Calendula Antiseptic & Soothing
  • Comfrey Ultra Skin Healing
  • Echinacea Antibacterial
  • Chamomile Soothing & Gentle
  • Lavender Anti-Inflammatory & Gentle
  • Sandalwood Soothing & Gentle
  • Myrrh Skin Rejuvenating
When using Essential Oils in their concentrated form, you’ll need to add them to a base oil first (Olive, Jojoba or Sweet Almond work well). The oils in their natural concentrated form will be too strong for baby’s delicate skin. (Dilute more than you would for an adult: maybe 2 drops per Tablespoon of oil and shake that with a cup of water if making a spray).

You can also find plenty of natural ingredient ointments on the market that may work well for your baby, including a lot with the above Essential Oils.

*Refer to my post on using essential oils. The best to have around your house include lavendar, tea tree, peppermint, lemon and eucalyptus (but don't use them on babies unless you know they're safe and in the recommended dilutions). My favoritesfor baby are tea tree and lavendar.

Other uses for baby include:
- 1 drop of lavendar on baby sheet or piece of cloth to put by baby's head to comfort and help sleep.
- 1 drop lavendar, 2 drops tea tree in 1 T bath gel and then put in tub of warm water for soothing/cleasing baby bath
- 3 drops tea tree/lemon oil in water to spray on areas to disinfect (even some stains--like baby pee on a matress)
- spray a washcloth with tea tree oil or lavender and place at the bottom of the pail to control odors

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