July 17, 2013

Natural Ways to Treat Sunburns

Here's a cool picture of sunburn and melanin, fyi...

Here are some ideas for Homemade ways to treat sunburns...
  • Aloe Vera. When it comes to sunburns, most people reach for the aloe vera. It’s the most common natural remedy for burned skin and not to mention…a super easy to maintain house plant.
  • Lavender essential oil. This is my favorite remedy for burns. Lavender essential oilsnot only relieves sunburn, but they may also prevent peeling. Find high quality-grade lavender essential oils by clicking here…
  • Yogurt. Spread yogurt on your burned skin to help cool and heal. Your best bet is to use full-fat, plain, unsweetened yogurt. Let the yogurt stay on the skin until it warms then rinse off.
  • Vinegar. Load apple cider vinegar into a spray bottle, store in the fridge, then spray it on your burn. Is there anything vinegar can’t do!?!
  • Tea. Make a pot of strong tea and then use a piece of cloth soaked in the tea by applying it to the sunburn area. You could also make a tea bath and soak in the tub. It’s actually the tannins in tea that help to soothe the burn and heal the skin.
  • Potato peels. A vintage remedy for sunburns mentioned in tons of old writings is potato peels. They provide much needed moisture…additionally, they carry natural anti-bacterial properties that aid in healing.
  • Cucumber. Try applying thin slices (or a puree) of cold cucumbers directly to the affected area.
Or you can try this recipe (which I plan to tweak using essential oils and such, but haven't gotten to it yet.)
After Sun Spray Recipe
Ingredients* Use organic ingredients whenever possible.
  1. Add all ingredients to a glass mason jar.
  2. Shake jar vigorously to mix.
  3. Pour mixture into a 4 ounce mister bottle.
  4. Label bottle with name, contents, and date
  5. Shelf stable for 1-2 years, depending of quality of raw materials used.

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