January 2, 2014

New Year: A Time of RENEWal

While thinking of the New Year and what it means to "set my house in order," I've come to realize this...

The more I learn and grow--with each year and every tidbit of information--the more I love this blog's title "RENEW." But what does it mean to RENEW? 

Here's Webster's definition of RENEW:

: to make (something) new, fresh, or strong again
: to make (a promise, vow, etc.) again
: to begin (something) again especially with more force or enthusiasm

I love the ideas of enthusiasm, commitment and strength. When he have enthusiam, we can be positive and have hope. We more forward. But fear, worry, and looking back all deplete enthusiasm and confidence, hindering progress. So let's be positive in all things. Look for the good. Move forward with faith--both in yourself and in the Lord. Find something to renew. Then you can feel the grace and strength that comes as a result.

Here's a great little video about moving forward and not looking back.

So, what can you do to RENEW?
Taking time to be aware of yourself or habits you have, for good or bad, is the first step to personal change and renewal. 

So make a list of 1-3 things you want to change. 
What can you change? What can't you change?
Those you can't: turn over to the Lord through prayer (and commit to "STOP IT"--stop focusing on it)
Those you can: make a plan and get to work. Include them in your prayers for added help (especially if you don't know how) God will make a way to accomplish any righteous desire you have--though it might not be in the way you seek, or in your timing. Be ok with His way...that is patience and humility.

So...have fun changing step by step, in good ways. I love this quote by Ghandi:

"Be the Change 
you wish to see in the World" 

May your 2014 be one of small and simple incremental changes. And may you more fully reach your Divine potential...with enthusiasm! :)

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