March 15, 2014

Energy Work: Meridians 101

Ever heard of these words? Chakras. Meridians. Reiki. Mudras. Muscle testing.

Well, I was interested in figuring out more, so I have been all sorts of energy type books that deal with eastern medicine and theory. I would like to share some thoughts on them so you have a basic understanding of it all so you have a foundation wherewithal to place other such knowledge you might come across that is related to this stuff.

First we need to understand "chi," which in Chinese means "life force." It is the energy in our bodies that regulates our bodies and gives us life.
There have been studies done to document energy in the body and this energy follows a pattern or cycle through what eastern medicine calls the 12 meridians or channels. Each meridian has both a positive and negative (yin and yang) energy or flow. And each meridian is associated with a specific bodily organ or function as well as specific muscles. There are ten organ meridians and two central/governing organs--these two are like the control center. But basically, if you have a symptom showing up in an organ or muscle, there is generally a blockage of energy in the associated meridian. Logical, right?
Time of Day Balance . Touch for Health Education
So what do we do?

Well, do we trust our bodies? There is a way to muscle test our bodies for each organ to see which meridian had energy blockage and to identify which muscles are weak. We then can rebalance the muscles, or meridians so energy isn't blocked. I'm not saying this will ultimately heal everything every time, but its a start.
These are the points you can muscle test.

This is what some holistic chiropractors do, in addition to just structural alignment. Yes, some people think they are hoakie, but I think that's because they don't take time to understand. Afterall, this energy is researched and documented in three different methods and all get the same results. So, after reading a chiropractors book and having regular firsthand experience with one for this last year, I know that this makes perfect sense both logically and intuitively.

If you want to learn more specifics, try out a holistic chiropractor, or check out this book, where I got this information, which correlates to other info I've read online from other sources too.

The book is called Touch for Health and its more like a reference book for people learning the art of chiropractic--not a light read or those without experience going to a holistic chiropractor.

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