February 21, 2011

Patience--A Quality Worth the Wait

I decided that it's good to improve ourselves little by little and so why not pick a topic to work on and post about it.

This post is on PATIENCE (click the word for what inspired me to work on this).

After watching this, I thought about different times in my life that my patience has been tried....whether by small things like little kids being annoying or breaking my stuff, to major things like a big event I'd planned on (for what seemed like forever) not happening, or happening 180 degrees differently than what I expected.

That's the key to patience: Expectations.

I realize that we all have expectations about things. We can't help that. But, with trust in the Lord, we can turn our expectations over to Him--tell Him what we'd like and want. And then we know that, because He knows what's best for us, things will turn out the way they need to, but at least we've told Him our preference.

Whether or not this sounds silly, it is true and has helped me so many times in my life! I can't even begin to count all the times I've relied on His knowing what's best, but not until after I've had a good and long chat with Him. I also sometimes write in my journal how I'm feeling, so I slow down to understand my feelings and can then get them off my chest. These things help me feel more calm and peaceful (so that if things turn out differently, at least I'm aware of my feelings and am more prepared for it).

I know that as I do this, I get increased ability to trust in Him and His timing...which helps when then next time that I need patience is for something even bigger than waiting to get another marshmallow.

Patience in the small things can build a good pattern to living patiently with the large things.

What causes your impatience? What can you do now to help you better have patience for those?

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