February 7, 2013

Event Notes: Real Food - Food Storage Notes

KerryAnn, from cooking traditional foods, had a food storage webinar I listened to about how to store real food that you eat regularly....now this is based on a real food diet (not processed foods). She's gone through two years of food supplies due to job loss and has experienced many week long power outages. She also has been cooking with real food for many years.

Here is an outline of her recommendations for real food storage.

First she said the rule of three (have three ways to do/get each of the following things):
1. Cook (oven/stove, Dutch oven, grill, etc.)
2. Heat and cool
3. Water
4. Clean (self, clothes, dishes, bathroom, etc.)

Then she gave per person serving recommendations for food storage you regularly rotate (real foods/whole grains...this isn't for people who want to eat lots of processed stuff) which are surprisingly similar the lds food storage calculator:
Grains- 200-300 lbs/adult male (freeze bulk grains for 72 hrs before placing in buckets with oxygen packs...to kill bugs. Though lds.)
Water- 1 gallon a day/person (including cooking and hygiene needs)
Legumes/beans- 80-90 lbs/adult male per year (freeze 72 hrs prior to placing bulk in buckets)
Fruit- 1-2 servings per day/person
Veggies- 2-4 servings per day/person
Fats- 14-16 qts/person (freeze animal fats and include variety: coconut oil, butter, lard, etc.)
Salt- 8-10 lbs/person (use real salt, not refined white salt)
Sweeteners- 35lbs/person (honey, maple, Rapudura...variety is good)
Meat- 400 lbs/person
Dairy- waxed cheeses are great to store.
Eggs- best to have chickens if possible, but if not your can use chia or flax seeds as baking alternatives.

Then she touched on other items: (but I was more interested in hearing this real food twist on food storage for this particular post)
Condiments -- fermented mayo, ketchup, sauerkraut, etc.
Seeds (to plant or sprout...depending on season)
Extra clothes
First aid
Other gear, etc.

I will be posting a more in-depth Food Storage 101 handout later. These are just my notes from this event.

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