February 7, 2013

Funtastic Friday: Shelf Liners to Jewelry Organizers...

So, I've been pinning ways to organize jewelry on Pinterest for quite some time now...always thinking, "I'll get to organizing my jewel, that's crammed in a tiny jewelry box, someday."

Well, that someday has come! I found some cute shelf liner paper at the dollar store and thought I'd try it out in my kitchen. It was perfect and cute, so I bought a big thing of it at the local grocery store and redid my kitchen drawers, shelves, pantry, etc.

  I also did a wood-looking swatch under the sink, which looks great, I think.

Then I got paper-happy and put it all over my old ugly white dresser Paul doesn't like. He did say this was a step up (but I'm sure he'd rather see it go).

But, doing the kitchen shelves made me pull out the old shelf liner stuff we had in there before that is somewhat foamy and not adhesive at all. It moved around a ton. So I up cycled! Talk about inspiration. It reminded me of lace, and I had pinned a laced background in a frame for hanging earrings.

And voila, after reusing an old frame I had laying around and stapling the old dollar store foam shelf liner on the back, I now have a great way to see all my earrings. And talk about a sceptic...my husband thought I was so weird being a frugal junkie. But now he actually thinks it turned out nice and he doesn't mind looking at it...which is huge!

Now I just need to figure out how to hang my necklaces, bracelets and headbands. :)

P.s. the sticky shelf liner paper doesn't stick to chipboard stuff...but it sticks great to the shelves and is super easy to peel off and put back if placed down wrong.

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