February 19, 2013

Goodreads List 2013

This year we are trying something different. We will post a theme each month. Then you can choose which books to read. Then post a little blurb about which book you read so we can share what we are learning.

January - Spiritual
Pick a spiritual book...maybe this one you can choose to read on Sundays throughout the year, to set-apart Sunday as a day of rest from your other books and busy mindset. Let it be anything uplifting.

February - Recipe Book
Try some new types of recipes. God fing a great recipe book and share with us what it is and some of the recipes you've tried and liked.

March - Classics
Pick a classic. Choose from any of the well-known authors of the past: Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Stephen Robinson, etc. Try this list of must-read classics.

April - Spy/Action
Warm yourself up this chilly spring month of showers with a good adventure.

May - Hobby/Craft How-to Book
Have you been wanting to learn something? Go check out a book at the library and try to make, build, create something.

June - Book Club Recommendation
Ask your library or neighbor about a favorite book they suggest you read. (You can refer to our Greenreads list for greenread recommendations)

July - Patriotic
Go check out a book about the civil war or revolutionary war era or about the people involved in those times.

August - Sci-fi/Fantasy
Try something new and interesting for your imagination.

September - Biography
Pick someone to learn about. Try a poet or author. What about a past President or ruler?

October - Halloween
Find something in the Halloween spirit; not too dark, but filled with mystery and surprises.

November - Poetry
Go check out some poetry books. Read classics like Emily Dickenson or Robert Frost. Or try humorous ones like Shel Silverstein.

December - Christmas
Go find something in the Christmas spirit with an uplifting message about the true meaning of the Christmas season and giving.

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