February 7, 2013

Why See a Chiropractor?

We've never really saw or thought we needed to see a chiropractor before, but we started looking into it because we'd heard various accounts of people getting better from random ailments because of a chiropractor. Are you one of the many people who think chiropractors only work with back problems or similar things? OR like me who worried that once you see a chiropractor they're going to try to milk you of your money to get regular visits and make your body dependent on needing to visit them regularly. Or that the art of chiropractic care is "bad," like popping knuckles (supposedly)? Well, it's not. And the pop you hear is just the trapped gas...not bone. They answer to these questions is to figure out what chiropractic care is and maybe try it.

I at one point in time thought all of these things. And I still don't like that appointments cost money and frequently aren't covered by insurance. But...I've been learning a lot about chiroprctic care and learning which things are true and which are silly. IT's amazing how simply understanding the body a little better hasgiven me a greater appreciation for what chiropractors do. If you're not very well versed in the fact that your spine is also where all your nerves pass through, then you're probably sceptical about chiropractors.

My chiropractor considers himself a Dr., who uses chiropractic care to help with the body on a whole. Alinements of the spine are to help correct many problems all over the body, that many times begin with the nerves. He's helped people with allergies and ailments that related to their nervesbeing pinched because their spine was out of alignment. That's actually how it all started. A man helped someone who was deaf from birth get his neck straightened out, and by doing that, the part of his neck that was pinching the nerve going to his ear was no longer a problem and he could hear. Now that's not everyone's problem who was deaf--sometimes it's cause is from other sources, but it was the problem in this situation.

But we've had great sucess with Paul's neck and sinus problems. We've been seeing the chiropractor for the last 5 months.  Paul's neck was way out of whack--three inches forward from where it should be. The x-ray guy at another place said Paul's neck couldn't even scan properly because it was so far forward. (Must be all the computer/laptop work he's done for the last decade...pulling his neck forward). So he's been training his neck forward and getting regular adjustments. And guess what? His sinus problems have been severely minimized these last 3 months. We'll keep you posted on further updates, but so far we're really happy about it and his neck is corrected one inch . Now just two more to go. And we'll see how he fares this summer with his sinus issues. As for me, I'm trying stuff for digestive issues and a weak left ankle--pronation.

Here are two awesome photos about what nerves are related to what parts of the spine. Where do you typically get pain in your back and neck? Look it up on this chart and see if it relates to other symptoms you experience.

My chiropractor does is holistic and performs simple muscle testing to check the basic points of your body's systems for weakness: sinus, emotional, stomach, intestines, thyroid, etc. So sometimes he'll check and tell me my adrenal gland is off and will present some options to fix that underlying problem. He advocates good nutrition as the main problem most people need to start with. Afterall, if you're not putting the right fuel into the vehicle, how can you expect the vehicle to run very long, or well?

And here are some paragraphs I took from my Chiropractor's website that I like: (this isn't an ad for him)

Many people think chiropractic is about bones, especially spinal bones. But the fact is, we're much more interested in nerves. In particular, the nerve messages that travel between the brain and the body and from the body back to the brain.
Any type of disruption can distort or disturb the integrity of the controlling and regulating messages from the brain. The result can be ill health. Because the nervous system controls every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body, chiropractic care can help a wide variety of health problems.
Pain is a symptom. A signal. A sign. Pain is no more a problem than a traffic signal or your alarm clock announcing that it's time to start the day. If there's a problem, it's the meaning we attach to the pain.
When we meet patients who are in pain, besides being compassionate, our first thought is that they must have exceeded some physical, chemical or emotional limit to which they can no longer adapt. So, while we're interested in the pain, we're even more interested in what was the underlying cause of the pain. Plus, what should the patient do to avoid this in the future?
If you know someone who is shopping organically and reducing their dependence upon processed foods, but not getting regularly adjusted, they may be overlooking a key point.
Let's say you go to your favorite supermarket for your weekly shopping. And because you've wisely shopped the perimeter of the store where the fresh foods are, you return home and put things away in your fridge.
But you overlooked one little detail. It's not plugged in! So the fridge has a major subluxation at the electrical outlet.
In the same way your fridge cannot preserve, protect and prolong the vitality of your foods without a properly functioning electrical system, your body cannot properly digest, assimilate and eliminate foods with a subluxation interfering with your digestive system.
So it doesn't matter how healthy your organic food choices are, because your body won't be making the most of those healthy choices.
Your nervous system runs the whole show. If it doesn't work right, you don't work right. And if you're not working right you can't fully benefit from organic food, gym membership and other healthy habits.

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