February 19, 2013

Greenreads: Raising Baby Books

When I was pregnant with my first kid, I got a few library books to learn about how to be more "green." Why?  Well, I was reading about detoxing and the effect of too many chemical and foreign substances on the body, over time. Well, did you know Utah has horrible air and that alone contributes to many respiratory issues, along with many other health issues. (side note)

So here is the first book. And honestly, it's been so long since I read it, but I remember it was a great introduction to making better and more informed choices about products we choose to use and give our babies. Now the great thing about these books is that they give you options and help you think about areas of your homes and about a variety of products and then you can choose how much to detox. You can go full-green eccentric, or just carefully start to implement greener options over time.

I think if I were to reread these again, I'd still have good insights learned to be able to implement, but I'd also feel like been-there-done that for a few areas. IT's a good balance and something you can always improve on. So why not grab one of these, or other options, and just take a glance if you have some spare time. Learn how to be more "green," step by step, because it's a healthier way for yourself and family.

And I think this second one even had a few homemade baby food recipes, which was kind of fun.

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