February 7, 2013

Funtastic Friday: Homemade Cleaning (part 1)

So, I have officially decided to do projects on Fridays. And who really can do a whole lot of projects with two or more kids to take care of, right? But...where there's a will, there's a way. So I created a Pinterest board with various things I want to do this year. And those are what my Fridays are for. The key is doing things together with others. Our kids play together and we attempt to do a project. Sme projects may be split into multiple parts. Some Fridays we may have to cancel or be ok not getting anything accomplished, but hey...we shoot for the moon and at least land among stars, eh?

So I've made some more reusable snack bags with my sister for one Friday and some flowers awhile back with her too.

But my first official one was attempting air fresheners with Rachel.

Equipped with various jars, we made a scented baking soda powder in a jar with paper topper we poked pin holes through. I used vanilla in mine and sprinkled it n the carpet. smells heavenly!

Then we made citrus infused vinegar in jars for scented vinegar to clean with. I continue to just stuff my orange peels in there whenever i eat another. it will just keep infusing as it sits over time.

We also made gelatin filled jars with essential oils in them. I don't think they add much to the air's scent though. We'll have to see about this one.

I will leave comments on each pin we've done about their success and failure.  This is the fun part about these Fridays...we have fun trying crafts and new adventures, fully understanding that some may not work out and that there are no set rules to these activities. But we have fun.

Stay tuned for our next adventures...DIY wood blocks for kids.

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