July 11, 2014

Greenreads: Guide to Healthy Bowel

I just read Bernard jensens guide to bowel care (or something like that title). 

He is the famous iridology author. And the book totally spoke to me about why we should be in a natural position while passing stool. 

He mentioned research about how sitting on a pot never fully allows the colon to eliminate because it's not the natural position to support your colon and effectively use gravity's help. 

I've wondered about that ever since I decided I didn't like the typical birthing position with my first and did homebirth with my second. Same thing with toilets. And since potty training my boy, he always stands on the toilet to squat...which at first I thought was weird, but now I get it. It's natural for kids to squat. Was it once for us too? Could it be so again? hmmm...
here's a graphic for ya

So, theoretically, what if society would be ok without toilets?  Or had a stool to help, so we can still sit. There are things called squatty Pottys made in St. George, actually.

I'd probably think it weird if I hadn't tried it in Asia and Europe. But there are some pretty fancy holes/bidets. They do it all over the world, except here. And I'll bet we are the most constipated country.... :)

Also, he mentioned all the research he has done with embryos in tracing the development of their colon cells. It was fascinating to read that certain parts of the colon sent cells to certains organs. He found that the colons health was reflected in the organs that shared those sames cells from development. So it makes sense that there is a "reflexology" of the colon, much like reflexology of the feet, back, eye, etc. 

Stay tuned for my Iridology 201 post to further explore the eye and how we can better understand our health through that "window." (And I'll explain it from a logical, scientific view...a best an amateur researcher can) :)

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