July 14, 2014

Iridology 201

Ok, now that you've looked at the fun little "reflexology" of the eye chart (if not, click here for my previous post).

Here is a little more depth to what I've learned and it is fascinating. 
So the preface: I went to a healing conference and this iridologist looked at my eye for 1 minute and told me that I had major digestive issues that needed to be addressed to help my system be happy. He also mentioned that I had a very strong willed constitution (which could be good or bad, and is another story).
So he told me that I needed to heal my stomach lining and mentioned some herbs I could buy and make infusions with. 

What I loved about this experience:
1. He wasn't trying to make money
2. He identified my biggest health issue right now, and I had only said "hi. can you check my eyes" to him--never seen or met him before that. 
3. He prioritized for me what I needed to do in a simple 1,2,3 format.
4. He mentioned an herb I could get anywhere. It wasn't something he was selling and it wasnt some random supplement someone else fabricated far away. 
5. And he said it was totally doable.
6. We then had a short, but nice discussion about the power of people's eyes as really being windows to our souls. And how awesome God is in nature's details. 

Needless to say... I attended his class and learned a lot. Here are my notes that I tried to organize into a somewhat comprehensible outline--starting with a quote appropriate to why I'm interested in iridology.

A Chinese proverb says:
‘A poor doctor cures; a good doctor prevents’. 

So, let's look at the eye.

Did you know that the eye literally reflects the health of your body? Why?
There are more than 28,000 nerve fibers in the human eye and each one is directly connected to the brain. The brain is in direct contact with all the nerves and cells of the body and as such any defect within the body will show up in the iris.

Did you know there are only two eye colors: 
  • brown
  • blue
You may not agree (esp. if you have green eyes, but iridologists explain why), but you are not the iridologist. So accept that "theory" for now and continue reading. :)  The green is caused by generational mixing of the brown and blue, or by yellow discolorations in a blue parts.
This is a graphic i found online that summarizes part of what he said...

There are concentric circles away from the pupil which stand for the following areas:
There are 4 Stages
If you have discoloration or bumps, etc. they can be one of the following four stages: (some are because of genetic predispositions--inherited--but others may be problems you've had that have digressed. Either way, looking at your eye and observing what areas are affected can be empowering.)
  1. Acute (these are slightly raised off your eye--typically not inherited)
  2. Semi-acute
  3. Chronic
  4. Degenerative (these are slight divots into your eyes--maybe you've had these problems a long time in your life, or they are inherited from 3+ generations ago)
What Constitution are you?
These are the lines perpendicular to the pupil and concentric rings (like wagon wheel spokes). I don't know the exact definitions, just generalizations, so google it if you're super curious.
  • Strong (tight together: doesn't easily let things in or out. Typically strong-willed and more natural leaders. Slower healing time.)
  • Medium 
  • Weak (very loose: typically not very strong-willed. Pretty easy-going and lacking structure.)

Other random tidbits:
  • The left eye (as in many other healing modalities and Eastern Medicine) represents the female side, while the right represents the male
  • the more intense the color in the inner circles means more of an introvert, while the color more towards the outer rings is more extroverted
  • tree rings around your pupil (like concentric circles) deals with perfectionism
  • If you have wagon wheel spokes that aren't lines, but rather are circles (connected spokes), that shows a closed lesion--which is a generational weakness passed down to you. Notice the area on the eye and see what anatomy part is affected on the iridology chart from my first post.
  • Whitish lines and spots are lymph system related problems
  • If your pupil dilates in and out (bouncy): adrenal fatigue symptom (also have a hard time keeping tongue out without shaking)
  • If there is a dark circle around your pupil, then your stomach is under-acidic and needs the gut lining healed.(use Slippery elm herb)
  • Law of Cure says: "The Body heals from the inside, out; from the top, down."
  • For more cool info on iridology read Bernard Jensen's books: Iridology Simplified, etc.

And His Last Advice:
  1. Be responsible for your health
  2. Identify toxins/problems in/around you and stop/replace them
  3. It takes 5-7 times nutrition levels to heal than to maintain
  4. You body needs 3 months to heal, plus 1 month for every year your body was weak
My personal advice is Ether 12:27
"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them."

**Prayer and wisdom is what will guide us through our healing journey. Alma 32 talks about being humble and seeking change, before being brought to crisis in which we then are forced to change or suffer. Though this may seem doomsday-ish, I don't mean it to. By taking full charge of our health and selves, we can more fully live and enjoy what God has given us. 

All these tools I'm learning about are in nature and are beautiful and awe-inspiring. I can't help but feel greater love and acknowledgement of the Lord and his tender mercies in showing us truth in all things around us. If our eyes are open.

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