July 14, 2014

Notes: 4 Rules for Eating Healthy

I sat through some of a food lecture by Angie Christensen. I liked her four main points of fundamental healthy eating based on God's laws. Here are the few notes I took. Nothing surprising, but refreshingly simple.

1. Eat what God created in nature

2. Eat the form God created

  •  sourdough--natural yeast vs. instant yeast--synthetic (doesn't pre-digest/is fake)

3. Eat in the right quantities God designed your systems for
He certainly didn't design us to eat so many chips, bread, cookies, crackers, cake, etc.

  • eat seasonally
  • eat locally (home grown is best)

4. Eat "by the sweat of your brow" (effort)

  • there are no fast food examples in scriptures...even the miraculous food examples (they even had to prepare the manna. The manna descended in the night in the form of coriander-seed of the color of bdellium (Num. xi. 7), so that in the morning the ground looked as if it were covered with hoar frost. The grains were ground or pounded into flour, and then the flour was prepared and baked in the form of cakes, the taste of which was like that of "wafers made with honey" or "as the taste of fresh oil" (Ex. xvi. 31; Num. xi. 8)--from 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia)
  • effort is connected to Joy/meaningful (input--output)

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