July 15, 2014

Goodreads: Hidden Treasures Book

I had to capture some of my thoughts from two free ebooks I read about thoughts becoming our reality....
If you'd like to get more info, go to her website and signup for emails. She sends great little videos and files to help empower with greater perspective in life and to feel more positive about things that happen in life.

7 LAWS: Hidden Treasures
Law of Perpetual Transmutation
Circumstances and things are perpetually coming or going according to your thoughts.

Law of Relativity
Your situation is not fundamentally good or bad until you compare it to something else.
*see further details on this law after this list of rules

Law of Vibration
Your thoughts control your personal vibration. Change your thoughts, get emotional about them, and you’ll change what is attracted to you.

Law of Polarity
Everything has an opposite. A bad situation is equally good. Look for the good, and more good will be on its way.

Law of Rhythm
When you feel down be assured that an upswing is coming. Plan on endless progression upward.

Law of Cause and Effect
Action and reaction are equal, in opposite directions. Focus on what you can give, not what you will get.

Law of Gender
Plant your own idea seeds, and then be patient. Don’t uproot your idea seed with doubt.

Vacuum Law of Prosperity

Nature abhors a vacuum. Make room for the thing you desire by giving away that which you do not like or use. Give it away, and let the Universe compensate you. God pays better than yard sale shoppers.

Law of Relativity (in detail)
Your situation is not fundamentally good or bad until you compare it to something else.

When consciously presented with an idea, situation, object, etc., your mind takes that in "as it is." It isn't fundamentally bad or good unless we assign a meaning to it (which is where emotions come in). The meaning/emotion we attach towards something creates that belief and labels it as either good or bad. Once we've labelled that, our subconscious takes that as truth and will act on that belief (whether or not we are aware). This affects how we view others or ourselves, how we view our "lot in life" or hardships, our body language, our attitudes, etc.

All the more reason to be objective and not too hasty to judge or label self, others or situation. When something happens to you, take a moment and find something positive in it, then you will program you subconscious to accept it with gratitude and the result will be a positive one. On the other hand though, if we accept something negatively, then it will lodge in our subconscious and create negative beliefs and actions as a result. This is where real limits lie in our life. Our thoughts are powerful in creating our reality. What are you creating? Are you living beneath your limits because of past experiences or beliefs?

If God is the Great "I Am," and provided a Savior to help you BE...What would that mean to you in this context?  Who "Are" you really? Do you feel like you are living your divine potential?

If you'd like to read more, read my post on The Emotion Code.

She also wrote the Jack-Rabbit Factor, if you are interested in how to envision what you want out of life. I think some may really get into it (but I personally didn't love the book and would've rather had a bullet-point list of her points without the long story. :)

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