July 11, 2014

Notes: Great Lymphatic System

Notes from Dr. Morse's  "The Great Lymphatic System," plus some of my thoughts. (found on YouTube)
This was so eye-opening to a simple view of of body being acid vs. alkaline and what that means to our cells. It reduced all the various diseases and problems with the body to a basic, understandable idea.

A great pattern I'm seeing in everything related to nature, our bodies, learning, etc. is the following process:
  • Consumption (nutrition)
  • Elimination (waste)
* The process between the input and output involves the following steps: 
  • Digestive (liver, galbladder, pancreas, stomach, etc.)
  • Absorption (lymph system)
  • Utilization (endocrine glands)

Body is mostly made of cells and two fluids:
Cells: need carbon (carbs) and oxygen to run (ATP for energy)
2 Fluids: interstitial fluid to keep health of cells
A) blood is 1/4--delivers nutrition (kitchen): through arteries (bring in) and capillaries (send out)
B) lymph is 3/4--sewer/immune system (bathroom): through lymph vessels (lipid-based)
 - lymph nodes hold bacteria to break down waste (septic tank--don't remove if backed up....fix it)
 - kidneys and skin are main eliminators (filter cellular waste)- if adrenals are weak, kidneys too (fix adrenals)
 - urine should be dense and have chemistry to it since there is "sewage" in it (shouldn't be clear per say)
 - back problems/shoulders/neck may be backed up lymph system
Other than that there will be bacteria and viruses, but they can generally get detoxed (unless they is overburdening)

Simplistic Chemistry: chemistry & physics (with cause and effect; strong survive/weak consumed)
- the body seeks homeostatis through balance (chemistry, physics, magnetics, etc.)
Acids (male/destruction/inflammatory): phosporus, nitrogen (less than 7pH)
Bases/Akaline (female/creation/anti-inflammatoty: (more than 7 pH)
Neutral (is 7 pH)
 - Earth use to be 20% acid to Akaline 80%
 - blood should be alkaline (not acidic)
 - body steals from your current body systems/organs to counteract an overly acidic body
 - pollution is acidic and follow same pattern (acid rain)
 - body can't use protein, only the amino acids within the protein, so we need HCL (stomach acid) to break protein down. Fruits and Veggies have amino acids more readily accessible.
 - muscles create lactic acid as they work. (Skin problems = when acid backs up in skin)
 - Cancer = a damaged cell (overburden by acid at 3pH that the lymph cant get rid of--ideally lymph nodes help filter acids up to 6pH and help eliminate them from cells)
 - you can't heal trauma or injury in an acidic environment
 - lymph gets thickened or hardened and causes swelling (that's what you find in cysts and tumors)
 - if lymph system is down it causes stagnation (no movement!! can you think stagnant water and disease?)
 - rehydration happens in base medium (not acid--Gatorade and sodas are acidic about 3 pH)

**see my post with the acidity level for foods 

"If you fear anything, fear acid."

Body has two main antacids: 
 - cholesterol (LDL: adrenal steroids made from, HDL: phospholipids in cell wall)
 - Stomach acid problems = bi-carbonate problems in pancreas

Where to Go from Here:
1. Need herbs to boost adrenals
2. Fruits and Veggies to clean blood.
3. Then lymph nodes need to be cleaned to filter
4. Kidneys also need to be strengthened

Blood Pressure
Top (systolic): should be 120 - otherwise weak adrenals
Bottom (diastolic): should be 60  - otherwise weak kidneys
Swinging Pressure (high and low variations depending on day): caused by stress

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